Forskolin Health Benefits

Because of the Dr. Oz. Show, Forskolin has become quite popular and many people have been trying to find out where to buy forskolin. It is an organic substance that offers many benefits to the body. It is extracted from a plant known as Coleus Forskohlii. This unique plant is known for its ability to activate an enzyme within the body called Cyclase. Cyclase is responsible for the regulation of various functions performed at the cellular level. Forskolin for weight loss use is marketed in some of the best fat burners that work. In addition to making excellent fat burning supplements, forskolin is also used for treating high blood pressure, asthma, glaucoma and allergies. It is also claimed to ward off cancers and improve cardiovascular health.

Forskolin as a Fat Burner Supplement

Forskolin extract is effective at weight loss, according to a research study which was published in a 2005 edition of Obesity Research. The relatively small study consisted of thirty obese or overweight adult males, each given a placebo or forskolin every day for a period of twelve weeks. When the final results were in, the group that had actually received forskolin had a much lower body fat percentage than the group that were given a placebo.

Forskolin is most effective as a fat burner supplement. It will certainly help burn off that ugly belly fat a lot quicker than just eating properly and getting plenty of exercise. Forskolin works by causing fat cells to provide energy to the body causing the fat cells to be depleted. It does this by increasing the levels of adenylate cyclase which creates an increase in cyclic AMP (cAMP) which is responsible for burning fat.

Preventing Glaucoma With Forskolin

Recent research performed on animals using forskolin enriched eye drops has suggested that forskolin could be beneficial in the prevention of glaucoma by reducing the intraocular pressure, which happens to be a primary factor in glaucoma development.

All Natural Tanning

Lab experiments using mice demonstrated forskolin’s ability to affect skin tone and cause skin tanning without being exposed to light. Personally, I just don’t know about all that.

Forskolin For Asthma

A study published in a 2006 edition of “The Journal of International Medical Researchdemonstrated that forskolin may be useful in the treatment and prevention of asthma. In this research study it was found that there were significantly fewer asthma attacks with the patients taking forskolin when compared to patients being treated with sodium cromoglycate over a period of six months involving both adults and children with mild to moderate asthma.

Forskolin has been known to cause numerous side effects. Such as headaches, nausea and low blood pressure (hypotension) among others. Individuals taking medications to control blood pressure or those suffering from kidney disease should not take forskolin supplements without first consulting a medical doctor.